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Traitor (Impossible, #2)

Traitor (Impossible, #2) - Julia Sykes

OMG what a dilemma. Follow your head or follow your heart? The worst of it is I don’t know what Claudia should have done. I wanted her to do the right thing and help the FBI but I wanted her to follow her heart and tell the FBI to shove it!!

I am enjoying this series, it has me so confused as to what Claudia is going to do, I am constantly on the edge of my seat waiting for her to be attacked or found out and it makes for an exciting and unpredictable read.

There was a revelation in book one that I felt was unnecessary… the contents of the locked drawer, and when the subject was briefly brought up in this book my reaction was still the same. I wished it wasn’t there, because for me it’s like the book is trying to be something it isn’t, as if it needs that content to make the book credible, when it really doesn’t. Honestly this series is a great suspense/thriller with organised crime thrown in and doesn’t need the added complication, it just takes it a tad too far to be believable.

I liked the way the book ended, Julia has a good technique for endings. She doesn’t leave you turning the page thinking ‘Ugh, where’s the next line?’ but you are still left with a story you want to continue reading. This is the perfect finish for me, I am not frustrated, I am not screaming at my kindle, I can sit back and relax and wait for the next instalment, which I’m sure will be just as enthralling.

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