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Identity Theft

Identity Theft - John Abramowitz Identity Theft by John Abramowitz

4.5 Stars

Devastated by the death of a close friend at the end of book one; ‘Atticus For The Undead’, Hunter gave up defending Arcanes and went to work with his father. It has now been a year and Hunter isn’t happy with where his career is heading. When an old friend approaches him asking for defence, Hunter sees this as the perfect opportunity to leave the firm and go back to his real interest, Arcane defence. During Hunters investigating he learns some shocking secrets, and realises that the deception runs much deeper than he ever imagined.

The Hunter Gamble series is primarily legal fiction, but has a definite twist, which takes it away from the norm and throws it into the supernatural thriller genre too. Initially when I read ‘Atticus,’ I was blown away by the surprise ending, and the uniqueness of the plot. Identity Theft didn’t have the same impact on me, mainly because I was already familiar with the characters and the idea of the lawyer for ‘Arcanes’ is no longer new to me. (purely from this series, I haven’t found it anywhere else!)

There were still surprises that I had not seen coming, I spoke to the author and he told me he had sprinkled a few bread crumbs to lead us to this unexpected revelation, but I had totally missed them…I never was very good at picking up on clues!!

Identity Theft is a great read, fast paced and exciting, it definitely keeps the reader on their toes. I took point 5 away from my rating because I wanted the shock value I received from book one but didn’t get it,so for me I can’t rate it quite as highly as that first instalment, nether the less it really is a worthy read.

ARC received for review