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Gemini of Emreiana (Gemini Series Book 1)

Gemini of Emreiana (Gemini Series Book 1) - Kristen DaRay

Carson’s life seems to be going okay until, despite being valedictorian she is still rejected from every college she applies to. It soon becomes clear that not all is as it seems with her family. Her mother, who she believed to be dead is infact alive, but living in a different world where she is the ruler of the land, and Carson herself, is an alien and her life is in danger because of a war she had no idea was happening. Everything Changes for Carson once Aaronmon comes into her life, he is a kind of body guard sent from Emreiana to keep her safe until she can be returned to take her rightful position. She comes to realise that not only is she in danger but so is everyone who comes into contact with her, this forces her to re-evaluate all her relationships, even the one with Kyle, her long term boyfriend.

Gemini of Emreiana is a fantasy story, or is it sci-fi with the alien content? I’m not sure, but it does follow the fantasy pattern. Teenage girl suddenly finds out she has powers and is helped by a male who knew all along. The story is not totally unique, although it does have a few points that I found are new to me, on the whole it felt very much like the majority of stories of this type that I have read with only slight differences like names and places.

Kristen DaRay does have a nice writing style, it is easy to read and has a good flow, with natural sounding dialogue, and fully developed characters. There were a few editing issues that if fixed would improve the whole feel of the book. Personally I get a little miffed with obvious mistakes that should be picked up by a thorough read through, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone so don’t be put off the book by my nit-picking!

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