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Between These Lines

Between These Lines - Jennifer Murgia Between These Lines by Jennifer Murgia

5 Stars

Between These Lines is a love story written from both Chase and Evie’s POV, and has an ending I didn’t see coming, infact even as I was reading it I couldn’t believe what was happening!

Chase is the broody male with a secret, he loves poetry and reading and is very reserved giving off an air of indifference… which is not strictly true. He sees Evie and watches her from afar, but then a school project forces them together and we watch as we learn opposites really do attract.

Evie is struggling with her parents less than stable marriage. She is left alone more than she should be, and has to deal with a boyfriend who has violent tendencies with no clear way out of the relationship. As her friendship with Chase grows Shane’s dark side becomes more visible, until things finally get out of hand….I really don’t like Shane!

Jennifer Murgia has the ability to pull you into her world. Her writing is tight and her characters well rounded. This book was anything but predictable and I really enjoyed it, I would highly recommend this to all lovers of coming of age dramas.

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