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Number Seventy-Five

Number Seventy-Five - Ashley Fontainne Number Seventy Five by Ashley Fontainne

5 Stars

When Mandy was encouraged by her best friend to jump back into the world of dating by using an online agency, she took all the precautions necessary to ensure her safety before meeting her first date. Choosing a bar filled with cops would make you feel fairly secure, and it was understandable why Mandy didn’t see the real threat in time to avoid the inevitable.

Clearly Ashley is skilled in building suspense, and weaving a complicated plot to keep the reader guessing, and this piece of work also shows how well she can pull the reader in emotionally too. What Mandy felt during her time in the cave was so well written, with great detail and emotion, that it has given me a new respect for this writers work, the editing was on point and with everything combined this was a faultless novella. Fast paced and gripping from the onset, Number Seventy Five is a book worthy of any thriller lovers shelf.

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