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Daughter of the Red Dawn (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada, #1)

Daughter of the Red Dawn (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada, #1) - Alicia Michaels Daughter of the Red Dawn (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada) by Alicia Michaels

3.5 Stars

A cross between Fairy Tale and Fantasy, Daughter of the Red Dawn is the first in what I assume will be a seven book series. There are seven lost daughters of Fallada and my thought is that there will be one book per girl. The first instalment takes us on a journey to reunite Selena, the Princess of Damu, with her homeland.

I have read many fantasy stories and unfortunately this one didn’t bring anything new to the table as far as plot is concerned. It followed the fantasy recipe I see all too often, and have mentioned before in my reviews of this genre. It seems that this formula is a requirement and I will just have to accept it, so I would at least like to be given something unique within the plot to allow it to stand out above the rest and give me something to guess at instead of the whole thing being totally predictable, as was this.

That being said I love the way this author writes, she has a comfortable and poetic way with words, which easily allows the reader to fall into the story, snuggle up and stay there until it’s over. As far as fantasy goes this is a very well written, visually dynamic, easy to follow book and I would love to read more by Alicia for her writing style alone, I would just like the story line to be more individual because that combined with her writing would prove to be an exciting read.

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