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Raksha (Blood and Fire, #1) - Frankie Rose Raksha (Blood and Fire Series) by Frankie Rose

5 Stars


I am so glad I was given the chance to read this book; it was given to my blog to review as part of a tour. Usually only one of our reviewers reads each book, and for this particular tour I wasn’t the reader. Once the tour was done, the tour host asked me if I wanted to review too, so I thought okay, I’ll give it a go. Again OMG WOW!

This speculative fiction does have a few similarities to ‘The Hunger Games’. The dystopian society, the brutal fights to the death that the young are forced into as entertainment for the rich and powerful, ‘The Sanctuary’ which is just another ‘District 12’, and ‘the Rising’… in this book known as the ‘Radicals’. But there the similarity ends, and for me this book is far far better that the trilogy I know it will be forever compared to.

Kit manages to escape Sanctuary and with the help of Ryka, a young blond haired fighter, she finds her way to Freetown and hopefully safety, I have to wonder though is there really anywhere that humans are free?

This book perfectly depicts what we would imagine life would be like if society broke down. The strong become powerful and find various ways to control the masses by degrading them and forcing them to live a life of fear. The fact that Sanctuary collared their minions and dulled their senses could possibly be the fairest of these new worlds, at least their fighters didn’t feel pain or guilt. Freetown didn’t offer that luxury to its occupants and I have to wonder which system I would have chosen for myself!

I loved this book, the relationship between Kit and Ryka was endearing. The pain suffered by all the characters was palpable and I couldn’t help but be drawn into their world and sharing their emotions. I did not like the ending, it would have been great if I had book two sat in my hand, but I haven’t and I don’t even know when it will be available, that frustrates me. I just didn’t want it to end yet.

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