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The Crimson Key (The Visitor's Series, Book Two)

The Crimson Key (The Visitor's Series, Book Two) - Christy Sloat 3 Stars

This is the second book in the The Brown House series. At the end of the first, a curse had fallen on Ephraim and Lynley, Crimson Key starts with the curse getting stronger. The only person who can stop it, and the person who is to blame for it, is Brylee. To her they are dying right before her eyes as the physical changes take place. Racked with guilt she does all she can to help but with the witches who cast the curse dead, Brylee has no choice but to call on the ghosts and ask for help. She hopes they will before more lives are lost or ruined by the curse of the Brown House.

Although the idea behind this series is a really good one, for me the execution of the plot is poor. The author fails to use imagery to evoke the feeling of fear into the reader that we expect from the synopsis. I was wishing for more description and creative writing to build mood and atmosphere, I wanted to be worried about what was about to happen, but anticipatory fear was missing altogether.

Although, hand over heart, I cannot recommend this to avid horror readers because I feel that there is a lack in depth and atmosphere to produce really scary moments, I am sure it would appeal to those seeking drama with a ghostly edge.

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