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Seen - Heather Sutherlin Seen (The Wanderer Series #1) by Heather Sutherlin

3 Stars

I do not like the cover art for this work. It is not bright enough to be eye catching and would not tempt me into buying it if I came across it in a bookshop; I think a new cover would increase this books saleability enormously. Luckily the read was more interesting…

Rin had been seeing images in his head of Ree for the last five years and when he went to stay with his aunt he was excited to see the girl in the flesh, standing outside his aunt’s house. Jaron and Ree were curious and wanted to find out how the young boy could dream about her; a girl he had never met, and it took a walk down a trail in the nearby woods to find the answers.

‘Seen’ is the opening book in a fantasy adventure story for young readers, I would say 12 years and over. The children travel through a portal into another world, where they learn that Ree is the Wanderer, Rin is the Watcher and Jaron is the Protector’, and that it is their destiny to complete a quest to save this world. They have no choice, if they refuse they won’t be able to get back through the portal and go home and so their journey begins.

The story itself was pretty slow off the mark, it was a little mundane and dragged, failing to grab my attention right away. As the story progressed and we moved into the other realm the pace, picked up. I’m wondering if perhaps the first chapter should have started with a scene from the other world thus hooking the reader immediately before slowing the pace with the background info, Younger readers are impatient and if you don’t get them in the first chapter you run the risk of losing them and that would be my only worry with this book.

Written in the generic Fantasy style I didn’t find anything new or fresh but I’m sure that is because I have read so many books in this genre and that shouldn’t be an issue for the target audience.

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