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The Color Keepers

The Color Keepers - Catriona Crehan 4 Stars

When Emily moved to California she was not very happy, quite a down in the mouth girl anyway who felt she was treated less fairly than her babied younger brother, she seldom saw the bright side to anything. One day she came home to find her mum had bought her a gift and left it in her room. It was an antique mirror that turned out to be enchanted and the portal into another, magical, world. Enticed by a lonely looking girl who turns out to be the Evil Crow Queen Emily unwittingly frees her and puts both worlds in danger. With the help of her brother and a cute boy from her school the three set out on a quest to visit the colour keepers to save both worlds meeting a variety of magical beings along the way.

The simple way The Color Keepers is written is ideal for independent readers of eight years and over and is a fantastic introduction to the fantasy genre. It has all the ingredients to keep the target audience enthralled, talking animals, an evil queen, action and adventure. The length of the book is spot on, long enough to tell the story but not too long to be overwhelming. Although some older readers may enjoy this tale I think the uncomplicated and predictable plot may not be able to hold their attention to the end.

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