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Jawbreaker - Unlock the (U)niverse

Jawbreaker - Unlock the (U)niverse - Jolene Stockman Jawbreaker (Unlock The Universe) by Jolene Stockman

5 Stars

Jawbreaker is a positive thinking self-help book, which encourages the reader to try to see their life in a more optimistic way. By describing us as a sweet (a jawbreaker) that has thousands of layers all in different colours, Jolene’s words allow the reader to visualise and evaluate their life, putting every event, whether good or bad, into perspective, explaining that the past is the past and we cannot change it, but we can choose the direction of our future and Jawbreaker (Unlock The Universe) is the how to guide.

As usual I found Jolene’s work inspiring and her up beat manner comes across in this easy to read book. Though aimed at teenagers/young adults I really don’t think this book should be ignored by those of us that are past that stage in our lives, people of all ages could benefit from the teachings in this book.

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