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Savior (An Impossible Novel)

Savior (An Impossible Novel) - Julia Sykes Savior (An Impossible Novel #1) by Julia Sykes

4 Stars

Hoping for nothing more than a one-night-stand, Rose is shocked when her latest ‘bar pick-up’; Clayton, turns up on her doorstep and isn’t so easy to shake off. It soon comes to light that Clayton is one of the agents trying to ‘bring down’ a notorious gang, and wants Rose’s drug addict brother Greg, to collect information for him.
It is suggested that for maximum effect this book should be read after the 3 ‘Impossible’ series books, Monster, Traitor and Avenger and carries a warning for strong language, violence, and BDSM, some of which involve ménage (M/F/M). It also contains scenes of sexual assault, which some readers may find upsetting.

Julia Sykes is a fluid writer, with a great ability for storytelling. Reading her books always gives me something to think about and they all keep me guessing. Personally I prefer the crime/thriller side to her plots, but the erotica is extremely well written and is sure to have most readers hot under the collar through certain scenes.

Savior is a multi layered story that held my interest from start to finish and I would recommend to readers who like their erotica novels to also have a back-story that is gritty and exciting.

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