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A World Apart (The Elencheran Chronicles)

A World Apart (The Elencheran Chronicles) - David M. Brown 3 Stars

Demetrius is an old man exiled on Purgatory Island waiting to die, as a last request his grandson is allowed to see and talk to him. Curiosity gets the better of his grandson and he asks how he ended up on the island. We are then taken back to the very beginning as the story of his life unfolds, how the decisions he makes shapes his and his friends future. It follows his childhood, his one and only love, his mistakes and ultimately his generous heart that brings to his current position. Brown’s characters are well developed, all independent and strong, showing that they all have something to say. It’s great that we get a real feel for the characters and you need to understand the depths of their feelings in order to understand the decisions they make.

What I have to say is that the background information is a little too much at times. The first few pages have very little dialogue with details of not Demetrius’ life but how his father was conceived and how his grandfather dealt with the burden of begin a single parent. Although it was nice to see the relationships between the three men I thought it was unnecessary to go into so much detail, the first three chapters concentrate on his grandfather and father and they are not short chapters.

The introduction of the pirates was an interesting one after seeing the controlling Order, they had a definite distinction without painting it as a black and white picture. It was hard to decide who was in the right and it was a good position to be in. It really is an epic with the corrupt government and out of hand revolution, in the guise of the pirates but at times it was just too long. Throughout the whole book it is extremely detailed and not always needed but right at the end when everything is brought together it’s hard not to feel for this frail man who was once a great warrior and I have to admit a lump caught in my throat when he stood waiting in Doves Meadow for his true love.

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