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Pieces of Perfect

Pieces of Perfect - Elizabeth Hayley Pieces of Perfect by Elizabeth Hayley

4.5 Stars

Covering four adventurous months of Lily’s life, Pieces of Perfect is a combination of funny, touching, serious and shocking. Returning from a visit with her parents Lily’s flight home was not what she expected after Max, a super hot ex hockey player, decides to swap seats with the guy next to her. Making her feel things she has never felt and do things she never thought she would do, Max is the ultimate irresistible bad boy that every girl dreams of. Just to confuse matters a parent teacher meeting a week or so later with one of Lily’s pupils, introduces Adam into the mix. Adam is the opposite of Max, he’s the perfect husband material with a great job and lots to offer a career girl like Lily. Lily can’t help but spend time with both men, taking different things from each to fulfil her needs. As the weeks go on she finds herself lying to each man about the other and discovers a side to her character she doesn’t particularly like.

I found this book fun to read, it did have a serious undertone about behaviour and decisions and ultimately consequences for our actions but written in an upbeat way that was easy to relate to.

I would love to give this book a clear 5 stars rating but there is an issue with the tenses that made parts of it confusing. I don’t know if the mix up was created because the book is written by two people; a fact I would never have guessed because the voice is consistent all the way through, but it is still rather annoying and should have been dealt with in the editing.

This is for sure a worthy read, and I have no doubt that I will revisit this book again and again when I feel like a guaranteed good read to pick me up.

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