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The Chalice of Malvron (Argetallam Saga, #3) - Elisabeth Wheatley The Chalice of Malvron by Elisabeth Wheatley

3 stars

Waking up after what she believes to be an accident, Janir is confused when she has no memory of the past eight years. Family and the people close to her seem to have her best interests at heart and appear to be hoping her memory returns. After an attempt is made on her life, her father decides to take Janir away with him to keep her safe, but when she is told that all the information she has been given is lies she has to decide who to believe, and come to terms with the fact that maybe her family don’t want what’s best for her but what is best for them.

The Chalice of Malvron is book three in the Argetallam Saga and unfortunately I haven’t read the first two books in the series! This left me feeling as confused as Janir and just as unsure about who to believe, but I still found the story intriguing. I began not to trust Kenistrith right from the start, finding it a little odd that Janir was being kept apart from her brother, Lucan, was one thing that made me instantly suspicious. I thought much of the plot was predictable, as will many readers of the genre.

I found the writing sometimes annoying there were large sections that over used Janir’s name… Janir did this, Janir did that etc and it got to the point where I wanted to scream at the page for some variety. I felt it could have been tighter and condensed some, but it would still have had the same impact. For followers of the series this is an exciting instalment but I suggest those readers, who haven’t already, should pick up the previous two books first.

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