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Rhymes - John Paul Bernett

I’ve always been a fan of poetry, my good old mum has been writing poems about our family and the world around us for as long as I can remember, so I do enjoy reading the works of other like-minded people, who write normal poems. By ‘normal’ I mean the kind of poem that is what it is, that makes sense and doesn’t have to be over analysed to understand it. John Paul Bernett writes my kind of poem.

There were so many poems in this book that I could relate to, that made me smile and brought back memories for me…’A Raleigh Chopper’ who didn’t want one of those in the 70’s? Each poem follows a different theme, but each one is written from the heart. I loved the one called ‘A Better Way’, it is a frank and honest description of the way our county is governed (whatever party happens to be in power at the time!)

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bernett at a recent Steampunk event in Leeds, and was fascinated by his story and how he became a writer, he is a very interesting man and I enjoyed seeing deeper inside his soul through his words.

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