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Awaken (Sword of Idis) (Volume 2)

Awaken (Sword of Idis) - H.J. Daly Awaken by H J Daly

4.5 Stars

Two years after the battle where Esa defeated Alphamor, life is even harder for the young orphaned girl. With people in the human and magical realm alike, believing her powers to be too great for one person alone, numerous forces are out to kill her. Travelling with Rootu, on council orders, the pair unexpectedly run into Thomas, but the reunion isn’t a pleasant one since Esa is still angry and hurt by his abandoning her after the great war.

Awaken is part 2 of the ‘Sword of Idis’ trilogy and is just as fast paced and as adventure filled as book 1. In this instalment a lot of the questions raised in Pulse (book 1) were answered, mainly during a conversation with Thomas’ dad, Joseph, where he fills in some much needed information about the event known as ‘the pulse’ which changed the world as we know it and opened up the boundaries to the previously hidden magical realm. This series is proving to be an exciting YA fantasy with a strong, well built cast. Each character has a unique voice and their own little quirks, which mould them into deserving members of this fantastical world.

H.J Daly has a great, fluid writing style that makes for an easy read and has created a colourful world filled with goblins, witches and other magical creatures worthy of any fantasy lovers bookshelf.