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Wolf's Fire: The Narcoleptic Vampire Series Vol. 3.2

Wolf's Fire - Dicey Grenor

5 Stars

A simple recruitment party turns dangerous when an unidentified gang hold Willow, Punch, and their group at gun point. With little chance of escape they need to work out exactly why and by whom they are being threatened.

We really get to know Punch in this book and see his inner torment, he loves Fire deeply, but he needs and wants Willow too, he constantly has to control himself and has a quite horrific ritual of learning how to keep himself in check. He has to make some difficult decisions and can’t do right for doing wrong. This is a trying time for him and he is having a really hard time both physically and emotionally while wanting to do the best for Hades and for himself.

As with all Dicey Grenor books this is for the over 18’s and those not feint of heart. There is sex and it is hot, in more ways than the obvious, but the book isn’t driven by the sex. It’s exciting, action packed and emotional too. Willows destiny is written and I want what is predicted to happen, to happen, even though it goes against Punch’s moral code. I can’t wait for the next instalment, it promises to be very exciting especially if it goes where I want it to.

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