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Sitnalta - Alisse Lee Goldenberg Sitnalta by Alisse Lee Goldenburg

3 Stars

Sitnalta lived her whole life with a father who hated her, or at the very least was indifferent to her. But he left her alone to run around the castle as she pleased being cared for by Aud, so Sitnalta didn’t care too much about his treatment of her anyway. That was until he decided it was time for the 15-year-old to be married off to an aging king in a neighbouring kingdom as a political move. Sitnalta did not want this, she wanted to marry for love not to be forced into it as her mother had been, and spend the rest of her days miserable. Hatching a plan Sitnalta escaped the castle and hid out in the forest hoping to disappear forever, but first she had to keep ahead of her fathers men.

What is it with fantasy stories and their unpronounceable names? Sitnalta, Ipsinki, Supmylo? WTH it’s like a marathon just tying to read them. I wish authors would just give their characters simple names it would be much easier to read! Sitnalta reads like a fairytale, it is simply written and easy to follow, with not much depth the story is ideal for readers of most ages (providing they can say the names!!) The relationship between Sitnalta and Najort (yep another odd name) was quite sweet and did make me smile on occasion, I was interested enough to want to see what happened, I was half expecting a kiss to turn the troll into a prince, did it? well I’m hardly going to give that away am I!

Not my favourite story but a fun read anyway there were things happen that I didn’t expect and I wish hadn’t happened and I would likely read more by this author should I happen across one of her books.

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