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Knight (An Impossible Novel)

Knight (An Impossible Novel) - Julia Sykes Knight (An Impossible Novel) by Julia Sykes

5 Stars

Knight is an extremely powerful and emotional story about a woman kidnapped by a dominant and broken into submission. Beaten tortured and forced to take heroin until she knows herself only as ‘Slave’, the girl is finally saved by FBI agent Smith James. Confused and scared she believes this to be a test, knowing nothing other than to follow orders the only way Smith can help the girl is to take on the role of her new master. With patience, care and love she finally begins to remember the woman she was before and start the difficult journey to begin living again.

Though horrifying in the beginning this was a really touching book, filled with hope and promise for things to work out, it tore at my heartstrings. Julia Sykes did an amazing job at communicating the emotions of these characters to me and I was totally invested in them, wishing things were better.

Julia’s books are not for everyone, they usually contain BDSM and scenes of violence, often touching on sexual abuse. They should only be read by adults not disturbed by this type of content.

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