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The Home Front (The Automata Wars #1)

The Home Front (The Automata Wars #1) - L.M. Cooke 2.5 Stars
Soldiers are fighting on the front line and at home the rich are trying to ignore that life is changing. They use new technologies and carry on as normal. The lower classes turn to politicians and to nameless gods for help.
What the soldiers think is a safe place, is anything but. A war is raging at home, the enemy has infiltrated all aspects of life and they intend to destroy from within.
The prologue paints a very vivid picture pulling you in immediately. We see the soldiers fighting something that is not human and they seem to be winning. The story then takes us back to the homeland. A picture of normality at first but it quickly develops into something else. It took some time to get use to the layout of the book. There are no indents, just a line space before a new paragraph and each chapter was big, there are only 6 chapters. I did like the little interlude from General Porton-Symmons, giving us information about the fight .
The characters were well defined, including the bad guys such as Mr Black. The scenes of violence are well written and paint a dramatic picture. The situations the characters find themselves in at times are complicated and it takes a little thinking about. There are numerous twists that will keep you guessing and wanting to read on.
I have only delved into Steampunk a couple of times and although the idea of Victorian values and advanced technology doesn’t faze me I have not found the genre to my liking, as of yet. This of course is a personal opinion and there are a great many genres that I don’t read but probably should.
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