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An Exceptional Twist  (Intertwined Hearts. #2) - Kimi Flores An exceptional Twist by Kimi Flores

4 Stars

All Stefan was interested in was a little fun while he was staying at his cousins house and even though Caleb had warned him not to be his usual self with Leah, he couldn’t keep away from her, she made him feel things he wasn’t used to feeling, and he didn’t like it one bit. Determined to get her out of his system he kept finding ways to spend time with her, but Leah wasn’t taking his crap and gave him a run for his money.

I always enjoy a good romance and when you throw in humour it’s all the more easy to read. Leah and Stefan definitely gave me a few laughs. Stefan’s uncontrollable and unwanted possessiveness amused me and Leah’s inner thoughts were often hilarious.

An Exceptional Twist is a busy story, it isn’t just a case of boy meets girl, they like each other but fight the urge for a while until they give in and end up living happily ever after. The journey is long and eventful with circumstances arising that leave serious doubt to their ability to have a future together.

One thing I regret is that I haven’t read book one in the series and wonder if perhaps I should have, and I probably will in the near future pick it up.

An enjoyable read.

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