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Cover to Covers

Cover to Covers - Alexandrea Weis Cover to Covers by Alexandria Weis

3 Stars

Twice married Tyler, wasn’t the perfect man. A work-a-holic and a little indifferent to women’s feelings, he drifted through life using women for his physical needs only. Bumping into an old fling on a work trip, he began to re-evaluate his ways and realise that maybe the problem lay with him and not with the endless string of women he beds.

Monique had never been able to get over the fact that Tyler hadn’t followed her when she left college to return home and look after her ailing mother. As time passed she met and married a young doctor, but it was never a truly happy marriage and she always had Tyler in the back of her mind and dreams of what might have been.

Now 21 years later, Monique has made her living writing romance novels and the one thing all her male leads have in common is the fact that they have a strong resemblance to Tyler, but where her relationship with him ended, her books all have the classic HEA that she secretly wishes they had shared.

Cover to Covers is a really slow starter. Our leading male doesn’t have any attractive qualities, his lifestyle was creepy and his personality was not appealing. He clearly had no respect for women and the way he treated his ‘soon to be ex’ wife was appalling and set the tone for my feelings toward him from that point on.

I pitied Monique and the fact that she had been harbouring these feelings for the man for so long and that it didn’t take her long to go back to him. Sadly just when I thought she had come to her senses, realised her mistake, and left him again, she falls for his BS again.

Personally I’d have kicked his ass to the kerb 21 years ago and left it there! Some characters don’t deserve a HEA and I’m sure if we pick up this story two years down the line Monique will have realised she hasn’t got one either!

Not my favourite romance novel.

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