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Just Destiny

Just Destiny - Theresa Rizzo Just Destiny Theresa Rizzo

4.5 Stars

Jenny and Gabe had decided children weren’t in their future, she wasn’t interested in starting a family and he already had a son and daughter from a previous marriage. When Jenny finds out she is expecting, rather than tell Gabe she is already pregnant she tells him she has changed her mind and now wants to start trying for a baby. Gabe’s unenthusiastic reaction disappoints Jenny and she storms off in a temper leaving Gabe to follow. As he goes after her a car hits him and his injuries leave him fighting for his life.

Just Destiny is an emotional story covering a very controversial subject. Should a wife be allowed access to her husbands sperm and use it to create a baby after his death, without his consent? With modern day technology all kinds of things are possible but with this new knowledge a mountain of ethical and moral questions are raised, and who knows what the right answers are. Theresa did a fantastic job at giving the reader the opportunity to see all sides of the argument and make up their own mind about the issue.

Filled with secrets and untruths this novel drew out a variety of emotions in me and I switched sides numerous times before the end. Gabe’s uncle frustrated me, he should never have kept the secret, taking the choice about parenthood away from Gabe was cruel to say the least and I can’t understand why he did it. I didn’t agree with Jenny’s decision, I know she was hurting but I don’t think it was what Gabe would have wanted and I think it is quite frightening that a case like this could be brought to court.

Although a rather sad and depressing book I would highly recommend this to lovers of the likes of ‘My Sisters Keeper’, and suggest a box of tissues by your side as you read.

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