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Mentor (An Impossible Novella) (Impossible, #2.5)

Mentor (An Impossible Novella) (Impossible, #2.5) - Julia Sykes Mentor by Julia Sykes

5 Stars

A novella in the Impossible series, Mentor is a very dark story told mainly from Kathleen’s POV after she is kidnapped. The story has some very disturbing scenes of torture and abuse, both mental and physical, and is only suitable for readers over 18 years of age.

It’s difficult to imagine that when someone steals your freedom and keeps you in a room naked and blindfolded, that you can actually begin to need that person, but that is what happened here and by being inside Kathleen’s head it’s easy to understand why. Initially she was determined not to give him what he wanted, she didn’t want him to have the control over her that he clearly desired. As the time went on, I don’t know if it was days, weeks or even months, she slowly started to need more from him than just food and water. It went both ways, he needed things from her too and in an odd way I felt sorry for him and his inability to have normal emotions and connections with people. He is obviously damaged as a result of a difficult childhood and I couldn’t help but pity him.

I have enjoyed, that sounds wrong because of their content but I don’t know how else to word it, the whole of this series so far. Julia Sykes does a fantastic job at reeling the reader in and giving them an emotional ride. I’ve been left with something to think about at the end of each book long after I’ve finished reading, and this instalment is no different.

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